Take A Moment


You’ve heard what I sound like. Let’s see what I look like. This is a shortened version of this video performance, but you can watch all 16 minutes by using this link.

Thoughts? Have you seen a GRWM video before? It stands for “Get Ready With Me.” They’re really big in the make up world. Mostly about drama, if we’re being honest. But… What got me hooked was that they all do the same exact thing. No matter what they start looking like, they manage to look painfully similar to one another by the end of the video. It had me thinking about beauty standards. I recently have stopped wearing as much makeup, but I’m not going to lie, it is SO fun when I put it on. There’s something exciting about being able to transform into a whole new person!

That aside, what do you think? I rambled a little just now, but what are your thoughts? Is it funny? Confusing? Did you stop watching 20 seconds in?


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