Take A Moment


I’m asking all these specific and personal questions! Asking you to do some introspection and I haven’t even introduced myself!

My name is Reva Kashikar. I am a studio artists among other things, and I am 24 years old. I just graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a Masters in Fine Arts, and honestly, things are pretty shaky right now. Of all the places I’d be, I never thought I’d be where I am now… I’m thankful, but also very much confused. Excited? But a little scared. Scared because so many things are always changing, and I’m becoming a lot more outspoken that I used to be. I’d say that’s a good thing! But I’ve definitely gotten into some arguments here and there… That’s alright though. I’m always up for a good discussion!

Anyways, I promised some info! I used to be a ballet dancer. I never danced professionally, but I dreamed of it. It was my first love. The type that makes you sob when you think about it for too long… I decided to leave it, and I (finally) don’t regret it, but I miss the stage. The lights, the glitter, the tutus, the rehearsals. I miss it all. Except for the judgement… The judgement was hard.

I found performance art though. Wow. What a game changer honestly. It opened my eyes wider than I could have imaged. It gave me back the stage. And it showed me my voice. What does yours sound like?


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