2019 Goal Setting

So… today is the first day of my second semester of graduate school. I somehow don’t start any work or classes until tomorrow, so I thought I’d get everything in order first! This post is LONG overdue and I am planning on updating my blog and website more often throughout this year.

I had a conversation with someone recently about “New Years Resolutions” and I learned something new about myself through the answer. I don’t believe in them… and it isn’t because I’m trying to go against trends (although, I jokingly say I’m always 5 years behind on all trends…..), but rather, over the years I’ve found that I feel like I let myself down when I get a month or two in and “give up” the resolution. In most cases, it wasn’t because I couldn’t do it, but because my goals changed. It left me feeling frustrated that I didn’t accomplish my “Resolution.” Instead, I like to reset and reevaluate habits as I go to make sure I’m reinforcing the good things, and adjusting the bad things. Honestly, it’s kind of the same thing as a New Years Resolution, but the perspective switch makes it seem less daunting… rather, it gives me the freedom to readjust expectations while also keeping myself accountable throughout the year. No more “I’ll change it when the new year comes.”

That being said. I’ve already set my 3, 9, and 12 month goals, but I haven’t gone in depth with my studio goals… This is something I always keep more open because of time lines with school. BUT. I keep slacking. Soooo. I’ve decided that this time, I am going to reevaluate my studio habit and set a couple of goal markers for this semester. Blog posts are part of that and, as you can see, this one is about goal setting! Below are my studio goals for the next 4 months. My hope is that by using my blog more often, I’ll be able to push myself to move forward on projects and finish pieces faster. After last semester, I was left with the feeling that I could have done more, and seeing as grad school is so short, I don’t want to have that kind of regret. Instead, I hope to set goals that will be both challenging and encouraging so that I feel motivated throughout the semester to produce and push my studio practice further.

4 Month Studio Goals

  1. Apply to at least 1 non-school related show
  2. Write a blog post at least every other week
  3. Update portfolio at least once a month
  4. To be the best I can be! (Thanks for the suggestion Ted!)
  5. Create LOTS of test pieces
  6. Finish setting up web-shop

As always, thanks for checking out my website! If you have any thoughts or tips on goal setting and ways of sticking with those plans, leave a comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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